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This menu is valid for reservations by groups of 8 or more persons. Please note that the menus are served on serving platter.


Hot and cold hors d’oeuvres

grilled eggplant, saganaki, gigantes, tzatziki, olives, eggplant salad, 
dolmades, red pepper, green spitz peppers, feta cheese, cream, tomato/pepper mousse


Menu I – Vegetarian Menu (according to daily offer)

For example, filled eggplants, eggplant casserole filled with tomatoes, etc.

 three-course menu per person 33,50 €


Menu II – Mixed meat platter "Classic" from grill

grilled lamb chops, gyros, souvlaki, beef Souzoukakia and tzatziki

 three-course menu per person 41,90 €


Menu III - Mixed grilled meat platter "Der Grieche" 

grilled lamb chops, minute steak of beef, 

souvlaki with chicken, beef Souzoukakia and tzatziki

three-course menu per person 41,90


Menu IV – Mixed grilled fish platter

grilled baby squid, tuna fillet, salmon, sea bream

 three-course menu per person 41,90 €


Dessert variation

greek yogurt, fruit, baklava, kataifi


Menu including supplements

(rosemary potatoes, vegetable of the day & bread)

der grieche teaser starters
der grieche teaser salad
der grieche teaser meat
der grieche teaser fish
der grieche teaser dessert
der grieche teaser for younger guests
der grieche teaser weekly recommendation EN
der grieche teaser menu
der grieche teaser drinks without alcohol
der grieche teaser drinks with alcohol