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Cold starters

From our appetizer Tray (served at your table): Gigantes, tzatziki, taramas, octopus salad, olives, tomato and pepper mousse, tirokafteri, artichokes, antzoujies, pepperoni, dolmades, hot pepper filled with cream cheese, eggplant salad ...; per portion 3.40 €
All dishes include 1 breadbasket each more 0.50 €
Now Tzatziki without garlic!

Warm starters

Soup of the day 4.20 €
Baked eggplant with tzatziki 7.70 €
Haloumi cheese 7.50 €
Saganaki (breaded feta cheese) 7.20 €
Baby Calamares with tzatziki (optionally grilled or floured) 15.40 €
Spicy Peperoni (Chilli) 4.70 €
Mixed warm and cold platter for 2 persons 21.90 €


Pita bread 2.90 €
Prices may change. For our current prices, please refer to the restaurant menu.
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