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Reservation in the Taverna

The art of good hospitality


Evenings and nights at the Greek are legendary. And that is no coincidence. As good hosts, we make sure that our guests are a good match. This also includes a balanced ratio of the sexes. Therefore, we ask for your understanding that we ask for the composition of the group when making reservations.   

We are looking forward to your visit!


Wir accept EC-Card, MasterCard, Visa und American Express.
Please note: A reservation is not a guarantee of admission, we reserve the right of domicile (appropriate clothing, etc.).


up to 6 persons

Online reservation



from 7 Personen

Shall be send son mail@der-grieche-frankfurt.de and, to avoid waiting times, are associated with a 3-course menu. The menus are served on platters. For groups over 15 people, we recommend choosing half meat and half fish.


Please let us know the exact number of guests and your menu selection in writing at least 4-5 days before the reservation date.

To menue-selection


Please note that due to the current spacing regulations, we have to divide large groups into two adjacent tables. Thank you for your understanding!

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Good to know

We were awarded the first-choice-award by planet radio as well as by Prinz TOPGUIDE. In the restaurant guide "FRANKFURT GEHT AUS! 2017" we are once again recommended as one of the best restaurants.